Liza Soberano to Duterte on ABS-CBN franchise: “I hope he wakes up one morning and he thinks about it again”

Actress Liza Soberano appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte to reconsider his decision on the franchise renewal of ABS-CBN to save the employees who may be affected by its closure.

In a press conference for his upcoming series “Make It With You,” a reporter asked Soberano about her stand on the possible franchise expiration of ABS-CBN.

Her show is expected to air by March 30, 2020, the same month when the franchise of ABS-CBN is going to expire once the Congress fails to pass it.

According to Soberano, she believes that it’s possible for President Duterte to retract his decision to block the ABS-CBN franchise renewal.

“He is understanding, I believe, alam niya namang maraming maaapektuhan… It’s not just the company itself, but all the employees. I’m sure he has a generous heart and an understanding heart.” Soberano said.

“I hope he wakes up one morning and he thinks about it again, and maging bukas ‘yung puso niya sa lahat ng smaller employees na nangangailangan ng trabaho,” she added.

Meanwhile, Soberano’s long time partner, Enrique Gil said that he’s worried about the possible people that could lose their job because of the closure of ABS-CBN.

“Ang iniisip ko lang ang ‘yung may mabababang posisyon. You know I don’t know what to say minsan. Siyempre nasasaktan din ako na there is a possibility na hindi matuloy. We grew up. I’ve been here for a long time but I don’t know. I just hope for the best,” Enrique stated.

They’re not the only celebrities who asked President Duterte to reconsider his decision.

Yesterday, Actress Sharon Cuneta, a friend of Duterte asked the President to support the ABS-CBN franchise renewal for the sake of its employees.

“I’ll just say this before saying goodbye—I pray that our dear President reconsiders his decision about ABS-CBN, not just because I just renewed,  I can always find a job,” Cuneta said.

“But because everybody I grew up with here—who have remained loyal to the station and have grown up here having learned from the school of hard knocks and have become family and good friends—will lose almost everything they’ve built over the years, And even those that might choose to stay—if indeed, unfortunately, goes that way—it won’t be the same,” she added.

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