Pres. Duterte reacts on VP Robredo’s ICAD findings: Isa siyang malaking pagkakamali

President Rodrigo Duterte criticized Vice President Leni Robredo after the latter called the Oplan Tokhang of the current administration as a failure based on her ICAD findings.

During an interview with reporters in Malacanang, Duterte asked Robredo to look at her record during her Vice Presidency before criticizing the government.

“For all of these years, she has done nothing. She is a colossal blunder. Colossal blunder,” Duterte said.

The President also pointed out that Robredo only won a little margin against her opponent former Senator Bongbong Marcos in the last presidential elections.

“I hate to say this but how many voters are there in the Philippines? Just do away with the 200,000 plus she got as a majority over (Bongbong) Marcos. It was really a mistake. With a slim margin and you talk big,” he said.

Duterte then told Robredo that he’s not going to follow her recommendation, but he suggested that the Vice President could do that if she becomes the next chief executive.

“Kung sakali lang maging Presidente siya gawin niya ‘yan. She does not lecture me. I do not have the slightest… as a lawyer lecturing on me,” he said.

On Monday, Robredo revealed her findings during her 18-day stint as co-chair of ICAD.

Robredo gave a grade of 1/100 to the government and suggested to scrap Oplan Tokhang.

She also said that the government should give more funding to the rehabilitation program.

“Isipin na lang natin kung exam ito. Magiging iskor ng ating pamahalan ay 1 over 100,” Robredo said in a press conference Monday.


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