Mayor Isko responds on VP Robredo’s ICAD findings: “Unfair naman sa enforcement unit who are putting their life on the line”

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno reminded Vice President Leni Robredo to be careful with judging the Oplan Tokhang launched by the government because it might affect the law enforcers.

In an interview with ANC Headstart, Moreno said that Robredo’s statement calling the Oplan Tokhang a failure is very “unfair” to the enforcers of the law.

“Unfair naman sa enforcement unit who are putting their life on the line. They are willing…We have to be very careful with this kind of statement because it might demoralize them,” Isko said in the interview.


Moreno said that the problem being faced by the government is already there since the 1970s that’s why it’s really hard to solve it.

He then said that President Duterte is also confronting the big fishes and not only the small-time pushers like what Robredo claimed.

“It is not being denied, the mass problem, kundi, kinonfront pa. Hindi ‘yan biro. Ang problema sa droga ay noon pang dekada setenta,” he said.


On Monday, Robredo called the Oplan Tokhang a failure and gave it a 1/100 grade.

She also gave some suggestions like scrapping Oplan Tokhang and giving more funds for rehabilitation.


Robredo became a co-chair of ICAD but dismissed by President Duterte after two weeks.


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