PNR train’s window almost broken after another stoning incident

Another incident of train operations sabotage has been reported in the first day of 2020.

In the photo posted by Kimpatrick Naniong it showed the window of the train owned by the Philippine National Railways (PNR) almost got broken and it was supposedly from the stone threw by still unknown culprit.

“Wow! Galeng mamato! Pang Olympics.. Salubong sa 2020,” said Naniong.

It seems that the object threw by the culprit is large enough to almost broke the strong glass of the train.

Blogger Gadget addict also criticized the said incident.


“I don’t know if the problem is growing or people are just paying more attention now that things have started to get so much better, There’s new trains, many stations have been refurbished and reopened, the routes have been extended and so on,” said the blogger.

“It’s a hurdle but nothing more. The minority who try to drag everyone down with them will not be successful,” he added.

The PNR is not yet releasing a statement on the said incident, but they already warned the people many times not to sabotage the train operations.

Last month it was reported that there are 14 cases of train sabotage incident happened and one of the minor culprit caught said that they’re only doing it for fun.

The authorities who caught the minor couldn’t do anything but to free him because of being protected by law.

It’s not yet known if the train in the recent stoning incident is the new trains bought by the government in Indonesia.

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