Former Sen. Bam Aquino bids farewell to 2019: “More downs than ups this year. Heartache and disappointment as well”

Former Senator Bam Aquino bids farewell to one of the most challenging years in his career.

On his Instagram post, Aquino posted a photo of his family with a caption about the failures he experienced last year.

It can be remembered that Aquino failed to get enough votes to get re-elected as Senator, placed 14th last senatorial elections with 14,144,923 votes.

However, the former Senator said that he “didn’t break” because of his “faith”.

“Goodbye 2019. More downs than ups this year. Heartache and disappointment as well. But how can I complain? I was brought to the breaking point, but I didn’t break. My Faith was tested, but I found out it’s real, and it’s strong. How can I complain?” said Aquino.

Aquino also mentioned that despite being defeated in politics last year, his family is still there and he’s still full of hope this 2020.

“Buo ang aking pamilya and my heart is full of hope. So 2020, come fast, come quick and be better than the last. May this New Year be filled with faith, with love, with hope and belief, that through it all, we are in the palm of His hands!” he added.

Some netizens even noticed that Aquino changed his looks a little bit, from being clean-shaven, the former Senator is now having beard and mustache.


Even blogger RJ “Thinking Pinoy” Nieto who called Bam as a cosplayer of his uncle former Sen. Ninoy Aquino couldn’t stop himself from praising the looks of the politician.

“He actually looks better after he stopped cosplaying Ninoy,” said Nieto.

The future political plans of Aquino is not yet known yet as it seems that he’s still spending his free time with his family.


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