Netizen says Duterte ‘checkmates’ opposition on US entry ban: “He knows something that we don’t know”

A netizen made a lengthy post trying to explain the possible reason why President Rodrigo Duterte decided to respond to the entry ban of the U.S against the government official who is involved in the detention of Senator Leila De Lima by requiring the Americans to get a visa before visiting the Philippines.

Noel Landero Sarifa posted a photo of some key members of the opposition and some businessman who received criticisms from the President, it also includes his lengthy theory on the recent moves of Duterte.

He claimed that the entry-ban of the U.S could affect not only the Filipinos but also the Americans who believe that their country is already interfering with other nation’s affairs.

Sarifa believes that President Duterte already knows what America could do to the country that’s why he criticized the superpower many times in his speeches, including former US President Barack Obama.

“Most of us wonder why would Duterte cursed a US president, refuse their international aid, remove US army. The smoke is getting clearer now, he knows somethings that we don’t know. He was angered by US dictating all our actions, meddling with our internal affairs, everything is slowly coming into light. Duterte oversee these before anyone else when others thought that we are being sold with China and Russia. Why there is a sudden shift? Duterte knows that the enemy is within the country controlled by the oligarch and the United States,” said Sarifa.

“Duterte knows this time will come, that the United States will oppress us and will prove that we are nothing without them. Duterte will never allow this, when he was elected, first things first before he will reveal evils in this country, he needs to make sure he will have an ally, so he will not suffer what former Pres. Marcos endured. He cemented his ground that he is a President for the people and his country. He established our relationship with China, Russia, and other ASEAN countries,” he added.

He even described President Duterte playing a chess game against the opposition and the chief executive “checkmated” his opponents.

“I am very much amused how this great chess game unfold before our eyes, how Duterte was able to weigh things out masterfully and again and again, come up victorious! Indeed his intelligence is way beyond our comprehension, sometimes we question his actions as to why? Because we cannot see, we cannot foresee and we do not have the wisdom that he has,” he said.

Several days ago, Malacanang said that they would require all Americans to get a visa before entering the country of the US enforced the entry ban against the accusers of Sen. De Lima.

The President also ordered to ban the American Senators proposed the said entry ban from visiting the Philippines.

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