Netizens criticize Noli De Castro for his “bronze lang” comments over Efren “Bata” Reyes SEA Games journey

Netizens raised their eyebrows over former Vice President, and veteran journalist Noli De Castro comments over the medal achieved by pool legend Efren “Bata” Reyes in the 30th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games.

In a news program, De Castro made a side comment after being informed about Reyes’ defeat against his Vietnamese opponent Dinh Nai Ngo on Friday.

Reyes is now assured of giving a medal to the country, however, De Castro seems surprised with the result of the pool legend’s SEA Games journey.

“Bronze lang?” De Castro said.

The comment was caught on camera and the netizens didn’t like what they heard from the journalist.

“I knew it Noli de Castro will be on trend? like seriously?considering sir efren’s age,tapos yan lng comment nya?” @jazjhudie08 remarked.

“And now, ‘Noli de Castro’ is trending. For the wrong reason. We should be proud of ALL our athletes. They bring us honor despite all the difficulties, including lack of funding. To say #BronzeLang disrespects Bata who has given his best years to his sport.” Jane Uymatiao commented.

A netizen recorded the comments of De Castro and uploaded it on Twitter to ask the people about their thoughts.

“Here’s the vid: You judge.” netizen @dhens1030 twitted.

Meanwhile, some netizens defended de Castro, saying that the journalist was only genuinely surprised by the medal got by Reyes.

“He looks like he said it out of surprise. not really belittling Efren. people just want to cancel someone so bad w/o knowing the story,” netizen @lesyeuxdelanaa said.

“Noli de Castro looks shocked kaysa sa nagmaliit. He was obviously looking at someone and confirming if bronze lang talaga nakuha ni Efren Bata Reyes thus the reaction. Wokeninam talaga ang cancel culture na mga pa woke nag judge agad wala naman alam kundi kumuda agad,” @amiybz commented.

“That’s a genuine reaction. Siyempre alam na natin ang kalibre ni EBR kaya ganoon iyong bulalas niya. Nothing wrong with it. Ang mali lang siguro ay hindi na-mute or na-switch kaagad sa next segment ng production team kaya narinig siya nang live,” @wdguzman stated.

De Castro is not yet giving any comments on the criticisms he received.


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