Manila City Council declares group ‘Panday Sining’ as persona non grata

The Manila City Council decided to forbid the group ‘Panday Sining’ as persona non grata in the nation’s capital.

The decision means that all members of Panday Sining are not allowed to visit or stay in Manila City anymore.

Panday Sining became infamous in the eyes of the Manila Government after they did several “art protest” in different parts of the city.


Panday Sining is not yet releasing a statement on the decision of the Manila City Council against them.

Their latest action last Saturday made four of their members face detention after they were caught painting the walls of LRT to express their criticisms against the government.

Members of Panday Sining


Moreno said in a past speech that he already warned the members of Panday Sining not to commit another vandalism again.

“You were warned. Nag-abiso na ako. Nananawagan po ako na huwag ninyo nang ulitin. Inulit niyo pa rin. Sinusubukan niyo kung may batas at liderato sa Maynila. Kailangan niyo pong harapin ngayon ang bisa ng batas,” he said.

Meanwhile, several activist group called for the release of the four members of Panday Sining.


The group even asked the netizens financial support.

“We are raising money for bail and we call on others to extend support for our fellow artista ng bayan,” Panday Sining said on their Facebook post.

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