Efren “Bata” Reyes has a message to millenials who want to follow his footsteps: “Mag aral nalang kayo!”

Legendary billiard player Efren “Bata” Reyes has a message to the Millenials who wanted to follow his footsteps in the world of pool.

Before his match against Dinh Nai Ngo for the semifinals of 1-cushion carom at Manila Hotel Tent, Bata said that the younger generation who idolize him should focus on their studies instead of pursuing to become a champion in billiards.

“Kung ako sa inyo, kung nag aaral kayo, mag aral nalang kayo, yan ang makakatulong sa inyo, ang bilyar wala,” said Reyes.

“Ang kailangan na kailangan diyan (sa bilyar) magaling na magaling ka para kumita ka diyan e pag natapos ang pag aaral yan ang makakatulong sayo,” he added.

According to him, it’s not very easy to become a champion, especially if they’re studying and playing billiards at the same time.

“Ngayon kung nag aaral ka tapos mag bilyar ka, madalang lang yang bilyar pero yung pag aaral tapusin mo muna, eh kapag matanda ka na, kahit mag bilyar ka hindi ka na gagaling,” he said.

Reyes, who’s already 65 years old, is representing the Philippines for his possible last participation in the Southeast Asian Games.

He chose to represent the country in carom, an unpopular kind of billiard to give a chance to the younger Filipino players to show their talent.

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