President Duterte to Senators who favor “onerous contract” with Manila Water Co. and Maynilad: “Patikim ko sila paano ang buhay ng preso”

President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday warned the senators behind the “onerous” contract signed in 1997 with water concessionaries that they would face cases for sabotaging the economy.

Duterte couldn’t hide his disappointment after being informed about the contracts between the government, Manila Water Co. and Maynilad Water Services.

According to the President, the contract entered by the government required them to pay fines if ever that the water companies losses a profit or the administration interfered with them.

“Pumasok tayo sa kontrata na distributor lang sila, but they were treating as if it was a mining gold or diamond, ang kontrata ay napaka tagilid na tagilid,” Duterte said.

“Because if they fail to realize the profit during the lifetime of the contract or in any period, babayad tayo nalugi nila, anak ng,” he added.

Duterte also pointed out that the government cannot do anything to lower or increase the rates of the water because of the said contract.

Recently, an International Court ordered the Philippine government to pay P7.4-B to Manila Water to cover the four-year losses of the company.

Duterte said that he’s planning to reveal the politicians favored the said contracts and file a case against them in the Supreme Court.

“Bakit pumayag ang mga Senador diyan?  Marami ‘yan sila, and we will expose them. And I will insist that they be tried for economic sabotage,” Duterte said.

Lahat silang mga… patikim ko sila paano ang buhay ng preso. Kung pati ako isasali nila, sasali ako doon sa presuhan, walang problema ‘yan. Walang mawala sa akin,” he added.

The President said that he already tasked the Office of the Solicitor General (OSG) to make a new contract and asked the water companies to sign it or else face charges.


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