“Ang daming pagkain!” Malaysian Sports official worries about the weight of their athletes because of so much “delicious” food being served

The deputy president of the Malaysian Athletics Federation Datuk Mumtaz Jaafar is complaining about the food being served to their athletes at them, not because it’s not being cooked well, but because it’s too delicious for them to resist.

In a report of the New Strait Times, Jaafar said that there are so many foods being served at Athlete’s Village in New Clark City and it made her worried about the weight of their athletes.

“We arrived three days before athletics start and, after looking at the mess hall, I’m worried that some of my athletes might over-indulge and put on extra weight,” said Jaafar.

“The food is delicious, even better than those served at some hotels… and it’s open 23 hours every day,” she added.

The room of the athletes is just walking distance from the dining hall where 35 Kapampangan chefs are cooking a different kind of halal foods to the athletes, six times a day.

“With the athletics venue across the road from the Village, I’m afraid they might have too much time in their hands and the mess hall might become the focal point,” she also said.

The athlete’s village has a total of 723 rooms, a gym, conference rooms, a lounge and a swimming pool aside from the big kitchen.

Several days ago, the organizers of SEA Games received criticisms from the netizens after a coach claimed that their athletes were served “kikiam”, a known street food for their breakfast.

Aside from the “kikiam” controversy, some media outlets also claimed that some Muslim athletes were served pork, however, the news was proven false.

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