Lawmaker wants to investigate ‘disinformation campaign’ in the media about SEA Games

Despite the apology from several media outlets, a member of the Congress still wanted to push for the investigation over the alleged ‘disinformation campaigned’ happened a few days ago about the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 2019.

In a statement, Kabayan party-list Rep. Ron Salo believes that there’s a conspiracy happened between the media and several social media users to lessen the credibility of the said event.

“I have this personal impression that they are the first to have concerted, deliberate, organized malicious disinformation campaign in the media, both traditional and in social media, aim at discrediting the organizers., the games, and the Philippines,” said Salo.


“I will definitely be happy to investigate this particular, fake news being propagated either in the social media or national media, traditional media,” he added.

Salo was concerned about the alleged ‘fault-finding’ by several reporters during the SEA games, saying that they’re only reporting the bad side of the event while ignoring the more important topics.

“This representation is deeply bothered how the national media is treating every single alleged shortcoming in our hosting of the SEA Games, as s if these are more important than the game itself… They appear to be having a feast on featuring all the alleged mistakes but neglecting to report the good experiences of the majority of the delegates,” he said.

Several days ago, the government was swarmed by criticisms after much bad news about the SEA games circulated on television and social media.


Even the President was affected by the news according to the Palace, saying that those mistakes could be resolved easily.

There’s also an incident where a big news website apologized for publishing wrong information after they claimed that Biñan football stadium is poorly prepared for the SEA Games.

“The City Government of Biñan has been doing its best to be a warm host of the 30th SEA GAMES Football Matches and we will not be mute against irresponsible journalism.” Biñan City Information Office stated.



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