“Isa kang bayani!” Cop made himself a shield to block an explosion to protect students of Initao College

A policeman is being considered as a hero of the people of Misamis Oriental after he sacrificed his life to save the students from an impending explosion.

In a video posted by netizen Joys Choice Gelogo, it showed Senior Police Officer 1/Police Master Sergeant Jason Magno and other cops trying to stop a man from throwing an explosive to the students of Initao College.

Unfortunately, the cops didn’t stop the man and threw the unpinned explosive near the area of the struggle.

PMSg Magno decided to sacrifice his life by blocking the explosion using his own body.

According to some reports, 10 students and a police officer were affected by the incident and the only casualty is PMSg Magno.

It’s still not known why the suspect decided to do such an act.

The people of Misamis Oriental urged their LGU to commemorate the heroism of PMSg Magno every year.

“Rest in peace sir Jason Magno, your service to our town will forever be commemorated. Your courage and selfless service are truly inspiring! Initao can never repay you, you’ve given so much for us,” netizen Raquella Jean said.

“To Initao LGU, if it may be possible, let this day, November 28, be given to this hero, that every year on this date we shall revive his heroism and service,” she added.

Meanwhile, Initao LGU decided to cancel the activities of their Lantawanan Festival because of the incident.

“We regret to inform you that the activities of the Lantawanan Festival tonight is canceled due to the recent incident in Initao College. Please wait for further updates on when we will resume the activities and until it is declared safe. In the meantime, please refrain from posting pictures and videos of the incident while this is still under investigation. Thank you for your understanding. Our condolences to the family of Sir Jason Magno. We lost a hero today. May his soul rest in peace,” the LGU said.

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