Singer Leah Navarro is now a “persona non grata” in General Santos City after her tweet about Mindanao quake

Singer Leah Navarro is now banned from visiting General Santos City after she allegedly insinuated that Mindanao quake is a “retribution” to the Mindanaoans.

General Santos City Council on Tuesday decided to declare Navarro as “persona-non-grata” as a response for the singer’s tweet which is now deleted.

City Councilor Franklin M. Gacal Jr. authored the resolution.

“Whereas, Leah Navarro, a celebrity being a popular singer some decades ago, now has-been, in her comment to Atty. Theodore Te’s latest tweet in social media, ‘What’s with all the earthquakes in Mindanao?’, replied ‘Retribution?’,” the resolution reads.

Gacal explained that the tweet of Navarro was “motivated by her irrational politically-motivated anger.”

The resolution added that Navarro is also not allowed to perform in General Santos City.

“That no permit shall be given to any person where Leah Navarro is featured as a performer in any show, whatsoever, in the City of General Santos,” the resolution read.

Navarro released a statement after she was declared persona-non-grata.

“I apologized and deleted my tweet. It is their right not to forgive me. There’s nothing I can do about that,” Navarro said.

On October 31, Former Supreme Court Spokesperson Theodore Te made a tweet asking his followers what they think the reason for the series of quakes in Mindanao.

“What’s with all the earthquakes in Mindanao?” Te asked.

One of the Twitter users who responded to Te’s tweet is Leah Navarro, who’s a known critic of President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Retribution?” Navarro said.

Both tweets are now deleted by Navarro and Te.

Meanwhile, Atty. Te also apologized to the netizens, saying that his tweet was “rhetorical, non-political, and personal.”


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