Yoly Ong to netizens: “The Mindanaoans who are not DDS need all the help and prayers”

The woman who handled the advertising campaign of several high profile candidates like Vice President Leni Robredo is not yet done in having an argument with the supporters of President Rodrigo Duterte.

On a tweet, Yoly Villanueva-Ong told her followers that she’s being swarmed by the supporters of the President who are also known as DDS because of her controversial post about the Mindanao quake.

In her next tweet, she made another statement that raised the eyebrows of the supporters of the President, saying that non-DDS in Mindanao are the only one deserved to be helped and receive prayers.

“The Mindanaoans who are not DDS need all the help and prayers. Choose the relief orgns that you can trust. Bangon mabubuting tao ng Mindanao,” she said.

She further explained the reason why she chose not to include the “DDS” on her appeal to her followers.

“I won’t give to DDS because I believe they’re well provided for. But please feel free to give to anyone you want and ill do the same. Ok,” she explained.

Ong has gone viral on the internet a few days ago after she made a tweet telling the supporters of the President that the quake in Mindanao happened because the earth wanted to consume them already.

“Hindi pa ba NYO Ma-gest? Gusto na kayong lamunin ng lupa. Magdasal na kayo at humingi ng patawad,” Ong said in her now deleted tweet.

“Duts should seriously prepare for the afterlife. It’s getting hot, hotter, hottest,” she added.


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