Netizen urges people not to donate to Mindanao quake victims: “Magaling si Duterte diba? Eh di magpakitang gilas siya!”

A netizen believes that the people should not help the victims of the Mindanao quake to see if the government is going to handle the situation alone.

In a tweet, netizen xxxriainxxx said that victims should demand the government a better service instead of relying on the donation of other people.

He also said that President Rodrigo Duterte should show that he can help the Mindanaoan in their current situation especially that they voted for him as their leader.

“Here is an unpopular opinion. Don’t donate to the Mindanao quake. Ask people instead of demand services from their government. That’s what they are there for,” he said.

“Magaling si Duterte diba? Eh di magpakitang gilas sya. Binoto nyo yan,” he added.

The tweet of xxxriainxxx received criticisms from the netizens saying that the past administrations also asked for assistance to other people and countries.

“Now you have the audacity to suggest that victims must demand from the government? This very self-sustaining current government that refuses to beg and receive insidious alms and aids from colonialist superpowers?” netizen Kannide Tounao said.

“Mindanao is in good hands because this is the first government that actually provides for itself. What do you think your little braindead tweet is standing on?” she added.

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