Sen. Bato Dela Rosa urges Duterte not to push his offer to Robredo who’s “no proven track record” in fighting lawbreakers

Senator Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa said that President Rodrigo Duterte should not offer the law enforcement helm to someone who has no experience in fighting lawbreakers.

In a statement, Dela Rosa explained that the President should continue what he’s doing, saying that he doesn’t want to see the country following the footsteps of Mexico.

“I don’t want our country to become another Mexico so [the President] should tighten his grip on the drug situation instead of leasing his power to [someone] who has no proven track record in fighting lawbreakers,” Dela Rosa said.

Meanwhile, Lacson said that only President Duterte has authority over the law enforcement officials.

“Only the President can wield sufficient authority and power over our law enforcement officials. Unless he delegates a blanket authority, including the power to hire and fire, no one else in the government bureaucracy can do it better than the Chief Executive under any other given circumstances,” Lacson said.

Duterte made an offer to Robredo a few days ago after the latter criticized the style of the government in fighting the lawbreakers in the country.

“I will surrender my powers to enforce the law. Ibigay ko sa Vice President. Ibigay ko sa kanya mga six months. Siya ang magdala. Tingnan natin kung ano mangyari. Hindi ako makialam. Sige, gusto mo? Mas bright ka? Sige. Ikaw. Subukan mo,” Duterte said.

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