Netizen writes open letter to critics of Duterte: “He is Old, He is in Pain but he never stops in serving his people!”

A netizen who saw the photo of the President who is suffering in back pain during his trip to Japan wrote an open letter to the critics of the current administration.

On Wednesday, October 23, netizen Noel Landiro Sarifa made a lengthy post, pointed out that the photo posted by some media outlets showing how uncomfortable the President is during his visit in Japan only indicates that the chief executive still wanted to continue his job despite his condition.

According to him, instead of making fun of the President, they should help the leader of the country to achieve his goals.

“Sa mga Kritiko ni Duterte, Look At our President! He is Old, He is in Pain but he never stops in serving his people.” Sarifa said.

“All I ask from you is to help us build a nation. see the goodness in him, see the purpose of what he does, not just on what wrong you think he is doing. Ilang dekada na akong nabubuhay bilang Pilipino pero ngaun lang tayo nagkaroon ng Presidente na puro trabaho. Let us take advantage of these times, imbes na batuhin, tawanan, kutyain at puro na lang kontra.” he added.

He also said that instead of complaining, people should ask themselves how they can contribute to the country and show to the world how the Filipinos unite for the sake of the country.

“He is doing this for us, ako, tayo, kasama ka. Sana lang imbes na magreklamo, itanong mo na lang sa sarili mo, ” Ano ba ang maitutulong ko?” at sa kaunting paraan na alam mo tumulong tayo. This is the time na ipakita natin sa mundo na kaya nating magka-isa para sa bayan. Hindi dahil sa political preference natin. This is the time na magkapit bisig tayo para ibangon ang Pilipinas. Let us be proud pinoy, sa salita, sa isip at sa gawa.” Sarifa said.

“Let this be a wake-up call to us all Filipinos before it’s too damn late. Building a nation is a NOT A ONE MAN JOB, IT IS OUR JOB!” he added.

As of writing the post of Sarifa already reached 30,000 shares on social media.

Sarifa is one of the netizens who defended the President after the latter cut short his trip to Japan to see a neurologist after suffering from “unbearable” back pain.

According to Malacanang, the condition of the President is connected to his recent motorcycle fall.

The President was also seen using a cane during his trip to Japan a sign that he’s having a hard time to walk.

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