Presidential grandson Omar Duterte calls Celdran’s passing “karma”

Presidential grandson Omar Duterte reacted on the demise of activist and tour guide Carlos Celdran who’s also a known critic of the President.

In his social media post, Omar Duterte has a short response on Celdran who passed away on October 8 because of heart failure according to news website Mindanation.

“Sweet Karma: Imma about to end this(“man’s”?) whole career,” Omar Duterte said in his post.

What happened to Celdran captured the attention of the netizens because one day before his demise, he posted a message wishing that the President not to go well soon after he revealed that he has a neuromuscular disease.

Celdran stayed in Spain to exile himself following the Supreme Court decision upholding that he committed offending religious feelings during his controversial rally inside Manila Cathedral in 2010.

Omar is the son of Davao City Representative Paolo “Pulong” Duterte and Lovelie Sangkola.

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