Jim Paredes is back as a critic President Duterte: “Even as a comic, he is a failure”

Legendary OPM artist Jim Paredes is back on social media after five months of break and it seems that his stance against President Rodrigo Duterte didn’t change.

Paredes, who came back from public scene months after his private video leaked online criticized President Duterte and called him a failure after the latter made another controversial joke during an interview in Russia.

According to him, the President really thought that he’s a funny man when saying the said jokes in front of the Russian audience.

“He really thought he was sophisticated, smart, suave, and funny. Even as a comic, he is a failure,” Paredes said in his tweet.

Meanwhile, several netizens reacted to Paredes’ tweet defending the President from the latest criticism of the artist.

At least he doesn’t need his “Magic Hands” to entertain,” netizen Jackie Perez said.

“pero president p rin bukas c duterte hahahahaha lahit anu gawin o svhin nya!” netizen @DiosKo wrote.

Paredes is currently working as a musical mentor for the Philippine Popular Music Festival (PhilPop) Songwriting Bootcamp and also promoting his new songs.

“You know, I just want to… We make music. I’m just an artist. I come up with stuff, you know. Enjoy them at your pleasure.” said Paredes in his first interview since he appeared again in public.

“I’m grateful and I’m hopeful that I will continue to write the soundtrack of their love lives, their life as they get old, their milestones in their lives, marriage, everything,” he added.

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