Presidential Spokesperson Panelo arrives at Malacanang after 4 hours of commuting

Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo committed to doing the challenge of going to ride PUV from Marikina to Malacanang this Friday.

According to the Spokesperson, he started the challenge around 5:15 AM in Marikina.

In several photos posted by netizens, Panelo was spotted alone while waiting for a jeepney at Concepcion Uno in Marikina around 6:53 am and finally ride a PUV after some policemen assisted him.

Some reports also said that he was offered by a taxi driver for a ride but Panelo refused.

To prove that he’s riding a public utility vehicle, Panelo sends some of his selfies to the press.

Despite refusing from media coverage, Panelo was still swarmed by some reporters and cameramen when he arrived in Manila.

At around 8:30 AM Panelo finally reached Malacanang gate and a motorcycle rider offers him a ride inside the Palace.

There’s also no report that Panelo rides an LRT on his way to Malacanang.

Panelo performed the challenge after he claimed that there’s no “transportation crisis” happening around Metro Manila.

“Wala. Kasi nga makakarating pa naman ‘yung mga dapat makarating sa kanilang pupuntahan,” he said in a press conference two days ago.

“If you want to go, arrive early in your destination, then you go there earlier,” he added.

Panelo will do a press briefing today at Malacanang around 11 PM.

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