Saguisag calls style of Isko Moreno ‘Trapo-ish’: “Kwentong barbero? Sinong pinoprotektahan niya?”

Former Senator Rene Saguisag challenged Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno to name the people who tried to bribe him of P5-M a day to prove that the latter is not just making stories to promote himself in public.

In his Manila Times column, Saguisag who’s talking about anonymity mentioned Mayor Isko Moreno who’s according to him, bragging about his achievements like his claims that he turned down a P5-M bribe per day to fight corruption in his city.

According to Saguisag, Moreno should name and prosecute the people who bribed him.

He also described the style of Moreno as “Trapo-ish” because he didn’t name the people who tried to bribe him.

“Mayor Isko brags about turning down a bribe offer of P5 million a day to look the other way instead of cleaning up Divisoria. Yorme’s duty is to denounce and prosecute, not brag,” Saguisag said.

“Yorme, it will be recalled, said he had been offered that rejected bribe. To me, that was so trapo-ish. Kumita na po ‘yan — such exercise of bragging rights is Jurassic. It seems to me what he should have done was to entrap the briber manqué. Or at the least denounce him or her by name and see what happens,” he added.

“For Yorme, it ain’t braggin’ if he can back it up. As of today, it is only his self-serving anecdote we have. Kwentong barbero? Who is he protecting?” he also said.

Saguisag said that he’s hoping that Moreno can help people without any publicity.

In July, Moreno claimed that someone called him and offering P5-M a day in exchange for stopping his cleanup operation along Divisoria.

However, a former worker of the City Government of Manila said that it’s impossible for someone to bribe him P5-M, saying that the call he received might be a prank.


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