Kris Aquino on her brother Noynoy’s current health condition: “He’s not VERY ill!”

Television host Kris Aquino defended her brother former President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III from the accusations that the latter is suffering from health problems.

On her Instagram account, Kris Aquino received a question from netizen @nomadthinker asking about her opinion of the latest photo her brother circulating on social media, showing the former President seems to lose weight.

“What’s your reaction on the suppose latest photo of Former President Noy that’s been circulating on Social Media. He looks so very ill,” Nomadthinker asked Aquino.

As a response, the television host said that she last saw her brother five months ago, admitting that they have some issues still unresolved.

However, she said that one of her children are visiting his uncle Noynoy regularly which gave him an impression that her brother is still healthy to accept visitors.

“How am I supposed to react? The truth is the last time we saw each other was almost 5 months ago, I have always been truthful- we aren’t close & we have several issues that remain unresolved, but kuya Josh sees him regularly. End of story for me. So maybe the fact he has the energy to bond with kuya he’s not VERY ill. Makes sense right? They were together Sunday, September 22,” Aquino said.

Several days ago, a photo showing the former President visiting an event has gone viral on social media and sparked rumors about Noynoy’s health.

“Hala mukhang tatakbo si Kris!” RJ “Thinking Pinoy” Nieto said on his post.

Some even compared the 59-year-old former President to the 74-year-old current chief executive Rodrigo Duterte.

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