BuCor chief Bantag to convicts that will bribe him: “Kakatayin ko kayo”

The new Bureau of Corrections (BuCor) Chief Gerald Bantag warned the personnel and inmates of the national penitentiary not to do a wrong move or else they might become unlucky in the upcoming days.

Bantag already said that he would not accept any gifts from anyone from the inmates of BuCor, saying that he’s going to do something if they insist on giving money to him.

“Ang mga magbibigay sa akin ng pera, mamalasin… hindi pala mamalasin, kakatayin ko,” Bantag said.

During an interview in the senate, Bantag vowed not to shave his facial hair until there are no changes happening in BuCor.

He asked Senator Christopher “Bong” Go for additional funds for the BuCor and some grenades.

Bantag became controversial several years ago after he became involved in a grenade explosion inside Paranaque detention center.

The new BuCor chief revealed that he’s going to replace some of the personnel of BuCor and planning to replace them with more trusted people.

He claimed that 95% of the current workers in Bilibid are corrupt.

He also ordered to ban any mobile devices inside the national penitentiary and even himself would not use a phone while at work.

According to him, he’s expected that his new job is very dangerous that’s why he’s always keeping his weapon, including a samurai in his new office.

Despite the dangers of his job, Bantag vowed to bring changes in the BuCor and help President Rodrigo Duterte.

“Basta ang sabi ng mahal na pangulo at senador (Bong Go) kapag ako [ay] pumalpak, ipapako [nila] ako sa krus,” Bantag said.

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