Tulfo to Senator Grace Poe on EDSA traffic: “Tira ka ng tira, wala ka namang solusyon!”

Journalist Erwin Tulfo criticized Senator Grace Poe for not helping the government in solving the traffic problem in EDSA.

In his radio show, Tulfo said that Grace Poe is criticizing the government, especially the Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Art Tugade while she cannot even give a single solution on how to solve the problem in EDSA.

Tulfo defended Tugade, saying that the latter did his job and firing him as what Poe suggested is not the solution to end the problem in one of the busiest roads in the Philippines.

“Kung gusto mong sibakin si Tugade, ayaw mo ng bigyan ng special powers si Duterte, dapat mayroon kang suhestiyon, dapat meron kang mga alternatibo,” Tulfo said.

“Mahirap yung yakyak ka ng yakyak Senadora, kung wala ka namang alternative, you do not have a solution to the problem, ang mas mahirap ay if you are the problem,” he added.

The journalist also believes that the Duterte administration is serious in trying to solve the traffic problem in EDSA that’s why Poe should give a chance to the government to attain the emergency powers they asking.

According to Tulfo, even if the government hired millions of traffic enforcers, the problem in EDSA cannot be solved because it already reached its maximum vehicle capacity.

He believes that the cause of problem in EDSA is the lack of alternative roads, that’s why he’s supporting the proposed emergency powers for the Duterte administration.

Instead of blaming Tugade, Tulfo said that the people should blame the administration of former President Cory Aquino for the bad public transport system in the Philippines.

“Wag ninyong isisi kay Tugade kung masama ang ating public transport, isisi mo doon sa panahon ni Cory [Aquino], doon ninyo isisi dahil masama ang public transport natin,” he said.

“Kita mo naman yan gumawa ng MRT, bulok pa, laging sira… iilang tao lang ang kasya,” he added.


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