“Sumusobra na sila!” Private schools’ group tells SOGIE supporters to build their own school

A group of private school owners expressed their opposition on the SOGIE equality bill and even told its supporters to build their own school that would meet their demands instead of asking educational institutions to adjust for them.

In a statement, the Federation of Associations of Private Schools & Administrators (FAPSA), said that the SOGIE bill supporters already “have gone overboard with their demands”.

“They need to put up a school of their own,” FAPSA President Eleazardo Kasilag said.

Members of FAPSA during their meeting on SOGIE bill (Reynaldo Jr Chua Facebook page)

According to Kasilag, some of them doesn’t like the idea of accepting students on the basis of SOGIE.

“We do not even know how to call them? SOGIE creature? Heaven sent?  Normal alien or just SOGIE kid? How do we answer toddlers, ‘where they came from if they are not he or she’,” he said.

“We accommodate Muslims and other faiths, being non-sectarian schools, most of us, but to accept new enrollees who shall demand our schools’ vision, mission and objectives radically changed just to welcome them, they better put up a school of their own,” he added.

“We do not want to change our school vision, our objectives or adjust our understanding, our morals,”

Kasilag also bared that all schools under their group are not planning to build a gender-neutral toilet because of lack of budget.

He also expressed concern on public schools on how they would get a budget to build a comfort room for their LGBTQIA+ students once that the SOGIE bill becomes a law.

The President of FAPSA said that some public schools are still lack of toilets and SOGIE may add another problem to the government.

SOGIE bill became a hot topic after trans woman Gretchen Diez was blocked by a janitress from using a comfort room for women.


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