UP Alumnus writes open letter to his alma matter: “It is a disservice and a disgrace to employ Trillanes”

A blogger who graduated at the University of the Philippines – Diliman criticized his alma over the news that former Senator Antonio Trillanes IV would become a professor in UP.

In a social media post, Benedict Exconde wrote an open letter addressed to the UP Board of Regents and other officials of the said University to express his disappointment over their decision to accept Trillanes as one of their future educators

Exconde pointed out that Trillanes, a former soldier who once led a coup against the government should not be part of UP.

He believes that the people who hated Trillanes might also detest said University.

“It is a disservice and a disgrace for our alma mater to employ an individual who has repeatedly tried to overthrow and undermine the authority of a legitimately elected government, and openly disrespected the will of the majority of the Filipino people,” said Exconde.

“Do we really want to the masses to lose their respect towards UP by taking such a sorry route, or perhaps all of you are contented to seeing UP being the symbol of the same obstructionist and opportunist forces that the said person now represents?” he added.

As of writing, Exconde post already received 200 shares on social media site Facebook.

On Tuesday, Trillanes revealed that he would spend his free time to teach in UP and Ateneo De Manila.

“More relaxing life after the Senate and right now, I am preparing for my teaching work this coming semester,” Trillanes said.

“It is in UP [University of the Philippines-Diliman] and Ateneo [de Manila University],” he added.

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