Lacson to Gordon’s comment over Duterte’s military appointees: “Labas na dapat tayo diyan”

Senator Panfilo Lacson sided with President Rodrigo Duterte after his decision to appoint ex-military officials was questioned by Senate Blue Ribbon Committee Chairman Richard Gordon.

According to Lacson, Senators like Gordon, who’s part of the legislative branch should not try to interfere with the decision of President Rodrigo Duterte who lead the executive section of the government.

“My take is, sabi ko kanina let’s give it to the President. He has the prerogative to appoint presidential appointees. Para paghimasukan pa natin yan, labas na tayo sa border natin, sa dapat saklaw ng ating mandate as legislators,” Lacson said.

In another statement, Lacson said that professional background is not a basis if the government official would serve well to the people.

“Without sounding biased since I also came from the AFP and the police, what if those appointees would also question the wisdom of appointing too many lawyers in government? What is important is the competence and integrity of those appointees and not their professional background,” Lacson said.

On Wednesday, Gordon said that Duterte’s decision to appoint retired army Generals in the government is “dangerous”.

“Ang problema lang kay Presidente, mababaw ang bench nya. He comes from the province, hindi niya nakilala. So, mas nagre-rely siya sa military,” Gordon said in a statement.

“It’s a dangerous one because civilian authority must remain supreme over the military. Dapat 3 years muna bago ka i-appoint.. para mawala muna yung ties mo. The ties that bind,” he added.

As a response, Duterte criticized Gordon and called him a fake Filipino and Penguin.

The President also suggested to the Senator to mind his own business.

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