Keith Thurman praises Manny Pacquiao: “tonight was a blessing and a lesson”

It seems that Keith Thurman accepted his defeat wholeheartedly after he praised Senator Manny Pacquiao who removed his undefeated status during their battle for the WBA super welterweight crown at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday.

Thurman is all praise to Pacquiao when he was interviewed after the fight, saying that the Filipino champ is a true legend and he saw the gap between their abilities.

“This is a beautiful night of boxing, Manny Pacquiao is a truly great legendary champion… he got the victory over me… I wish I have a little more output to go toe-to-toe,” Thurman said.

“You gave blessings and lessons, and tonight is a blessing and a lesson, Thank you, Manny Pacquiao” he added.

The American boxer who’s all trash talk against Pacquiao before the fight said that he would love to rematch with the Filipino champ.

Netizens appreciated Thurman’s respect to Pacquiao after the match despite the trash talk he released in the past against the Filipino champ.

Meanwhile, Sen. Pacquiao said that he felt dizzy after the fight with Thurman.

“Nahilo din ako,” Pacquiao said.

Pacquiao also understood that Thurman’s trash talk against him is just part of his style to promote the fight.

“He was just promoting the fight, he’s not an easy opponent. He’s a good boxer, he’s strong,” Pacquiao said.

The Filipino champ said that his fight against Thurman would be the last this year.

Two judges scored the bout 115-112 for Pacquiao, while the other judge scored it 114-113 for Thurman.

In the past interviews, Thurman vowed to knock out Pacquiao.

As a response, Pacquiao said that he would teach Thurman a lesson so the American boxer should prepare himself.

“Tomorrow night, a class is in session,” Pacquiao said. “I hope Keith Thurman studied hard because Professor Pacquiao gives very hard tests.”




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