Adrien Broner impressed by Pacquiao’s performance: “Thurman got cooked!”

Adrien Broner said that he was impressed by Senator Manny Pacquiao’s performance in his fight against Keith Thurman for the WBA super welterweight crown at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Saturday.

Broner who fought Pacquiao on January 2019 and claimed that he was cheated said that he already expected that the Filipino champion would dominate the fight against Thurman.

“You can tell that he trained hard for this fight, he was serious and I’m happy for him,” Broner said when asked about the performance of Pacquiao.

Broner said that Thurman got “cooked” in the fight after he lost his undefeated status against Pacquiao via split decision.

According to him, he couldn’t decide if Pacquiao vs Thurman is a great fight because the Filipino champ got many great matches in his career.

The reporters also asked Broner if he feels better now after he claimed that Pacquiao cheated him during their match.

“I’m always good about my fight… I’m cool… I’m a millionaire,” Broner said.

On January, Broner expressed his disappointment after his match against Pacquiao.

“I defeated him. Everybody out there knows I defeated him. I controlled the fight, he was missing. I hit him clean more times. I defeated him,” the 29-year-old fighter said.

Broner even claimed that Pacquiao and Mayweather are trying to conspire to make their fight happen by letting the Filipino Senator win the fight even everyone knows that he’s the winner.

“They are trying to get that money with Pacquiao and Floyd,” Broner said.

“I defeated him. Smart boxing,” he added.

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