Manila City Government planning to bring back Metro Aide program to provide regular jobs with benefits to the poor

To provide jobs for the poor, the Manila City Government is planning to bring back the Metro Aide program which architected by former first lady Imelda Marcos during the 1970s.

This is the third program from the Marcos administration that being planned by Moreno to be revived.

In a past interview, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno described the metro aide program as a good provider of jobs and at the same time, it also helped to clean Manila City.

Photo: Imelda Marcos official website

According to him, Metro Aides are going to be considered as regular employees of the government so they can avail benefits.

“I’ll bring back metro aide. Alam natin na magaling ang metro aide noong araw. Umaga may nagwa­wa­lis, tanghali may nagwawalis, hapon may nagwawalis. Walang tigil iyan. And it’s a decent job. Why? Because they’re hired and regular employees of the government.”May benefits, if you are doing the same thing all over again, every day, you’ll be good at it,” Moreno said.

“Kumbaga, magiging espesyalista mo ‘yun. Panatag na sila, na tuwing ika-limang buwan, hindi na sila kakabahan kung mainit ang ulo ni mayor, kung tatanggalin sila, kasi, J. O. lang sila. So, we’ll give them peace of mind, job security. We’ll hire more people based on our capacity with regards to personal services,” he added.

Moreno is a former scavenger so there’s no doubt that the Manila Mayor knows how to clean up the streets.

“Managing waste is my expertise since I was once a garbage collec­tor when I was a high school stu­dent,” he said.

Aside from the Metro Aide program, Moreno is also planning to buy the recyclable waste from the residents of Manila.


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