Isko on being compared to Duterte: “Isang malaking karangalan, pero marami pa akong kakaining bigas para maabot ang nagawa niya”

Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno said that he was very honored to be compared to President Rodrigo Duterte who was the leader of Davao City for 22 years.

During the press conference held at the Manila City Hall, a reporter asked Moreno on his opinion after the netizens kept comparing him to President Duterte.

Moreno quickly responded, saying that it’s a big honor for him to be compared to the President among the thousands of Mayors around the country.

“Well, I’m honored… Isang malaking karangalan,” Moreno said.

However, the popular Mayor believes that he cannot still be compared to President Duterte and he still needs to do a tremendous amount of work to reach the achievements of the Chief Executive.

“Kung ikukumpara ako, hindi ako sang ayon sabagkat trak trak pa na bigas pa ang kakainin ko bago ko matularan.. una yung naabot ni Pangulo bilang Mayor ng Davao especially during the troubled times, especially during the uncertainty of Davao in the late ’80s and early ’90s.. we know that all… you have to do is to Google mo,” Moreno said.

“So whatever he did in Davao and geographically speaking… it is the largest city in the country, so whatever he did there ay wala pa sa ginagawa ko, ako nakaka labinlimang araw pa lang,” he added.

“Then now naging President, I’m just happy kung napapansin niyo.. pero hindi po.. malayong malayo pa po ako… trak trak pa na bigas ang kakainin ko,” 

Duterte was being praised during his Mayorship in Davao for making the City peaceful and progressive.

Meanwhile, Mayor Isko also became popular for being connected to the netizens, showing how he’s handling the problems of Manila by posting a live video on Facebook.

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