President Duterte after making 80% of Filipinos satisfied with his performance: “I’m happy”

It seems that the effort of the critics of the current administration’s to bring down the popularity of President Rodrigo Duterte is failing after the latter received a new record-high satisfaction rating from the SWS Survey.

According to the latest SWS Survey released on Tuesday, President Duterte received a +68 (80 percent satisfied minus 12 percent dissatisfied) satisfaction rating, higher than his previous record of +66 in March 2019 and June 2017.

When asked by the press about his reaction on the latest survey, Duterte said that he’s only doing his job and not thinking about popularity.

However, the President said that he was glad that many people are satisfied with his performance. He also vowed to perform more for the people who are still not satisfied with his work.

“Alam mo naman ako, I do not go for this kind of things. Basta ako, trabaho lang,” Duterte said.

“As always, sinabi ko, if you are satisfied with my work, then I’m happy. If you are not satisfied, then I’ll work more. Dagdagan ko ‘yung pawis ko.” he added.

The survey has been conducted from June 22 to 26, one week after President Duterte received a tremendous amount of criticisms over the issue of a Filipino fishing boat rammed by a Chinese Vessel.

During the same month, Duterte was also criticized for ordering the closure of KAPA Community Ministry.

Several members of the opposition even pushed for the impeachment of the President, however, the latest survey showed that they might have a hard time to remove the Chief Executive who’s still being trusted by 80% of Filipinos.


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