“Kaldero ang helmet!” Man in Tuguegarao face charges for wearing metal pot as motorcycle helmet

A man is currently facing trouble after he tried to outsmart the authorities of Tuguegarao City after he used a metal pot or kaldero as a motorcycle helmet.

On July 8, a man who’s not yet been named by the authorities has been caught in video footage wearing a metal pot while traveling along Bonifacio Street, Tuguegarao City.

The people called him “Kaldero Man” because of his unusual helmet.

The video was recorded by Mark Leones Martin who was also surprised for what he saw.

According to some witnesses, the man seems to have fun in using his unusual helmet and even waving to the traffic enforcers and police while riding the motorcycle.

A traffic enforcer didn’t buy the friendly attitude of the man and quickly approached him to gave him a ticket.

Kaldero man was brought to the office of Traffic Management Group (TMG) of Tuguegarao where he pleaded to the authorities to free him because he’s just drunk.

The video featuring him already reached thousands of views on social media and gained mixed reactions from the netizens.

“Kawawa naman patawarin na lang baka hindi pa nakabili helmet lahat naman nang tao nagkakamali sana un mga manghuhuli di mangyari sa mga kamaganak din,” Jomari Avena said.

“mahuhusay talaga ang mga pilipino, maparaan, hehehe,” Jomar Briones commented.

“Dapat kasuhan ang mga yan sa pag insulto sa municipal ordinance.” Tolits Nonato remarked.

As of writing, it’s not yet known if Kaldero man already left the custody of the authorities.

The head of Public Order and Security Unit of Tuguegarao, Vhince Blancad will give more details about the incident tomorrow.


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