Outgoing Cebu Mayor explains why he destroys his office for his successor: “Ako ang naggastos sa mayor’s office

The controversial outgoing Cebu Mayor Tommy Osmeña finally explained why he removed everything in his office located on the 8th floor of the City’s Executive Building.

In an interview with DZMM, Osmeña started to fix the Mayor’s office using his own money in 2010 after the council which the majority has consisted of politicians who opposed him, rejected his request for a budget amounting of P2-M.

He also did the same thing in 2016 after the council headed during that time by incoming Mayor Edgar Labella rejected his request again without any explanation.

Osmeña said that he removed all the things he bought in his office so his successor could experience the problems he encountered before.

“Ako ang naggastos sa mayor’s office. I had to spend for everything… I decided to remove everything so he would know what it feels like,” Osmeña said.

He said that it’s very unusual that a City council is not supporting its Mayor and not giving any funds to fix the office of their leader.

“I know sa mga tao it’s very unusual for the mayor to strip his office… But on the other hand, it’s also very rare na that the city council will not allow the mayor to fix his office,” Osmena told the radio hosts.

According to him, the Mayor’s office renovation costs P2-M, he spent P1-M of his personal money, while the remaining one million pesos came from the contribution of his friends.

Osmeña also said that he already expected that he would face charges even in the Office of the Ombudsman.

On Friday, Osmeña has gone viral on the internet after the photos of the almost destroyed Mayor’s office circulated on social media.

“The cabinets/shelves/claddings, light and plumbing fixtures, partitions and doors, ceiling and floor works located at the 8th floor of Cebu Mayor’s Office are not Cebu City Government Owned Properties but are personal properties of former Cebu City Mayor Tomas R. Osmena,” the Department of General Services of Cebu City said.



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