Chel Diokno to netizens: “Hindi na dapat tawaging Pangulo si Duterte”

Defeated opposition senatorial candidate Chel Diokno criticized President Rodrigo Duterte for his statements saying that the constitution is only a piece of toilet paper.

In a series of tweet, Diokno said that Duterte is being called the President of the Philippines of because of the 1987 constitution that he mocked in his statement while defending his decision to allow the Chinese to fish around West Philippine Sea.

He also reminded that the 16-M people who supported the President is enjoying their right to vote because of the current constitution.

“Di na dapat tawaging Pangulo si Duterte sapagka’t ang pwestong iyan ay galing sa 1987 Constitution na sabi niya’y pampahid lang ng pw*t,” Diokno said.

“Di rin niya pwedeng sabihin na siya’y binoto ng 16 milyon na Pilipino sapagka’t ang karapatang bumoto ay nanggagaling din sa 1987 Constitution na kanya’y binabasura.” he added.

Diokno also made another harsh statement against the President, saying that the chief executive doesn’t respect the law of the man and God. He even called the President the Emperor with no clothes.

The defeated senatorial candidate is referring to a famous tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” about a narcissistic emperor who believed that he’s wearing a special type of cloth that no one could see because it was claimed to be made of special fabric.

Because of being narcissistic, the Emperor boasted his new clothes while parading the streets without realizing that he’s actually not wearing any clothes.

“Sabihin na natin ang katotohanan: walang iginagalang na batas si Duterte kundi yung nanggagaling sa kanyang bibig. Kahit mga utos ng Diyos ay walang kwenta sa kanya. Imbis na pangulo, tawagin na lang natin siyang emperador — emperador na hubad at huwad.” he said.

On June 28, Duterte defended his decision to keep having peace with China, saying that there might be bigger consequences if the Philippines try to fight his giant neighbor.

He also said that China would not respect the constitution of the Philippines even if he shows it personally to them.

“Pupunta ako (sa Spartlys) sabihin ko get out, this is the Constitution. Sabihin sayo’ naubusan ka na ng toilet paper, gamitin mo yan,” Duterte said.

“Ako kung sabihin you present to me a constitution like that and we have this ruckus claiming the same place in our jurisdiction. Sabihin ko, kung wala kang pang-ilo gamitin mo yang constitution mo. Because that means war. And that piece of paper, the Constitution, will become meaningless with no spirit except desperation, agony, and suffering,” he added.

As of writing, Malacanang is not yet giving any statement on Diokno’s statement.


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