“Simot!” Tommy Osmena leaves his office bare for new Cebu City Mayor

Outgoing Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña couldn’t leave his office without carrying his stuff back to his home.

In several photos, employees of Cebu City Executive building were surprised after they saw the Mayor’s office literally empty after Osmena ordered to remove every stuff in his workplace that came from his personal funds.

According to a staff of Osmena, the outgoing Cebu City Mayor personally owned the glass dividers, ceiling, ceramic tiles, dividers, kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, and furniture, so he ordered his men to remove it, which resulted to the awful look of the Mayor’s office.

Osmena only kept airconditioners and several chairs after the cleanup.

Mayor-elect of Cebu Edgar Labella said that they’re preparing to file charges for Osmena for destroying the Office of the Mayor which according to them is owned by the government.

The camp of Osmena also explained that the outgoing leader of Cebu City spent his own money to decorate the Mayor’s office after the City Council denied his P2-M budget request.

Labella is a bet of the Duterte administration while Osmena represented Liberal Party in the Mayoral election in Cebu City.

The two politicians are known for exchanging tirades during the last election.

The new Cebu City Mayor was supposed to occupy Osmena’s office on Monday. The camp of Labella is not yet giving any updates if they’re still going to use the former office of Osmena after they saw the current condition of the said workplace.

As of writing, Osmena is not yet releasing a statement on the said issue.


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