Duterte to critics who wants him to be removed from office: “Impeach niyo ko? Ipa-kulong ko kayo!”

President Rodrigo Duterte said that he would detain the critics that would attempt to file an impeachment case against him over his alleged failure to protect the sovereignty of the Philippines from China.

In an interview with the media, Duterte said that he would not hesitate to fight back if someone wanted him to be out of office.

“I-impeach ako? Kulungin ko silang lahat. Subukan niyo. Try to take it, do it, and I will do it,” Duterte said.

He also argued with Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio who mentioned that the constitution mandates the President to protect the country’s marine wealth, territorial sea and Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) against any foreign power.

According to Duterte, he’s only protecting the lives of the Filipino, saying that the Chinese would not allow itself to be shamed by following the Philippine Constitution.

“That is a provision for the thoughtless and the senseless. The protection of our economic rights about the economic zone resolves this? I am protecting the country and 110 million Filipinos,” Duterte said.

“Ang China, ganito yan parang Filipino hindi mo puede hiyain. Magwawala yan at magpuputak, puputaktihin kayong lahat.” he said.

The President also said that if the situation worsened, China’s missile could reach Manila in seven minutes.

“Ang gusto ng mga u*** na ito hiyain ako. Pagdating ko doon, sabihan ko yung (Chinese) commander doon na umalis kayo. Ay sabihin sa akin, p***** i**, sino ka ba mag-utos sa akin? Gusto mo upakan?” Duterte referring to Carpio who’s urging him to stand against China.

Meanwhile, Senator Panfilo Lacson said that President Duterte knows that he’s not allowed to detain any of his critics.

“The President knows he can’t do it and he won’t do it,” Lacson said.

“His problem is when one-third of the members of the HOR (House of Representatives) feel more challenged than afraid of his threat. A bigger problem is when 16 senators are convinced by the evidence presented during the trial,” he added.

Senator Kiko Pangilinan, a member of the opposition said that filing an impeachment against a President is not illegal.

Senator Ralph Recto, downplayed the possible impeachment against the President, saying that the current administration enjoyed mass support from both lower and upper house.

“The reality is the President has a super majority at the House of Representatives. Any impeachment complaint is doomed to fail,”  he said.

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