Sen. Bato speaks about KAPA: I wish Apolinario returns his members money

Senator-elect Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa finally spoke about the issue regarding KAPA Community Ministry International, showing concern on the situation of the members who lost their money.

In an interview, Dela Rosa expressed his sadness over the victims of KAPA, wishing that there’s still a chance for them to recover the hard-earned money that they donated or invested to the religious group founded by a former construction worker and now Pastor Joel Apolinario.

He also said that only President Duterte could decide on the fate of KAPA.

“Naluoy ko sa mga miyembro nga wala mabalik ang kwarta pero kung muingon ug pakialaman nako ang decisyon sa Presidente (President Rodrigo Duterte) that’s purely executive in nature (I really feel for the members who cannot get back their money but if I would ask the President, that decision is purely executive in nature),” Dela Rosa said.

“So hulaton lang nato kung unsay sunod niyang lakang kung duna pa siyay pagahimuon (Maybe we will wait for the President’s next move),” he added.

However, he would not waste any opportunity to ask Apolinario about the fate of KAPA members’ investment if there’s a chance for them to meet each other in the future.

Some members of KAPA even sold their lands and other sources of income like Carabaos just to donate in the religious group after Apolinario promised to give their members a 30% monthly interest rate.

Bato wished that Apolinario can still return the money to his members even without any interest included.

“Hopefully if given the chance I would ask what he (Apolinario) can say about any chance of returning the money of the members,” he said.

The former head of PNP who’s now an upcoming Senator denied in the past interviews that he received any money from KAPA during the campaign.

KAPA assets were frozen following the order of the Court of Appeals.

President Duterte also ordered to close down KAPA.

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