Netizens, celebrities pray for Eddie Garcia’s recovery

Netizens and celebrities expressed their concerns over the circulating photo of Eddie Garcia who was shown being carried by staffs during a taping of the still undisclosed show in Manila, Saturday.

In the photos posted by netizen Glaysa Apoya, it showed the 90-year-old veteran actor, pale and seems unconscious while being carried by people, a man was even carrying a fan pointed to Garcia.

According to some circulating information, Garcia was brought to a hospital near Tondo after the veteran actor passed out in the middle of the taping.

Newspaper Pilipino Star Ngayon also reported that Garcia is currently in comatose.

Director Armand Reyes also said that same thing and told his followers that the veteran actor is currently in a coma.

The news reached the netizens and several celebrities including Aiko Melendez, who prayed for the fast recovery of the actor.

“Sincerely Praying for Tito Eddie Garcia who is in the hospital now ? May Jesus heals him!” Melendez said in her post.

Writer Noreen Capili also sent her prayers to his Tito Eddie, urging him to fight.

Garcia who started his career in 1949 already made 400 movies, making him a legendary figure in show business.

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