Ben Tulfo throws shade against Bautista: “Sa palagay niyo kaya mananahimik lang ako?”

Ben Tulfo threw shade against the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Rolando Bautista and his colleagues.

Tulfo made a post against Bautista and the so-called brotherhood of the Philippine Military Academy after the DSWD Secretary demanded Tulfo to donate no less than 300,000 pesos to 19 groups connected to the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

In his post, the host of TV show BITAG said that he would not allow the enemies of his brother Erwin to win.\

He didn’t mention the name of Bautista in the post, but he’s obviously reacting to the recent statement of the DSWD Secretary.

“Sa palagay niyo kaya mananahimik lang ako’t hahayaan ko ‘tong mga kumag, kenkoy at kolokoy na maghari-harian?” Tulfo said in his post.

He also believed that Bautista’s demands for his brother are ridiculous.

Yesterday, Bautista told Tulfo that he wanted the journalist to donate 300,000 pesos to 19 organizations/group he chose.

The DSWD Secretary also told the journalist to publish his apology to his own social media accounts and leading newspaper.



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