Hidilyn Diaz asks the government to hire her boyfriend as conditioning coach for $1,900 and condo – former PSC Chairman

After Rio Olympics weight lifting silver medalist Hidilyn Diaz complained about her financial problems in the middle of her road to the gold medal, a former official of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) made a shocking revelation about the athlete.

Yesterday, the former PSC Chairman posted the photo of Diaz and her alleged boyfriend Julius Irvin Naranjo Naranjo.

Six hours after he introduced the couple to his followers, he explained in another social media post why he wanted social media users to be aware of the relationship between Diaz and Naranjo.

In his post, former PSC Chairman Dr. Aparicio Mequi claimed that Diaz told the government that she wanted to hire her boyfriend, Naranjo as her conditioning coach.

However, the PSC didn’t grant the request of Diaz after she revealed that they need to pay her boyfriend $1,500 (78,000 PHP) monthly, a condominium where Naranjo can stay while doing his job as a conditioning coach, and another $400 (20,000 PHP) for utilities.


Aparicio was skeptical about the request of Diaz, saying that if her boyfriend loves her, he should offer his service for free.

“She wanted PSC to hire him as her strength and conditioning (S&C) coach with a salary of $1,500 and condo inclusive of utilities at $400 or a total of $1,900/month! Now, this fella is from Guam ??, named Julius Irvin Naranjo. If he really cares for and loves Hidilyn, why doesn’t he just help her without asking for remunerations?” Mequi said.

“Does he have a working Visa? If none, then BOI should deport him asap! Anyway, PSC didn’t grant this special request for Hidilyn. Hopefully, she will not use this as an excuse if she doesn’t win a medal in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.” he added.

While some believed that Diaz is allegedly trying to demand a high salary for her boyfriend, a netizen explained that the silver medalist is only asking a little money compared to other athletes who wanted to win the Olympics.


“In ice skating the US$1,500 is good for only 10sessions(2hrs each), for non-olympian level only. But for Olympian like Michael Martinez its 150US per coach per specialty. Spin, jumps, choreo for example 3coachesx$150US = US$450 per day less off ice training, S&C’s, etc. Approx US$800 per day. Mrs.Martinez spends around 30-40M for 7yrs before SM Corp., after the Sochi Olympics, gave him US$20,000 per month.” netizen Ayasofya Aguirre said.

Dr. Mequi posted the story the same day after Diaz met with the PSC officials to discuss her financial problems.

PSC said that they’re ready to give more support to Diaz.

On June 4, Hidilyn became the headline of news outlets after complaining about her financial problem, she also asked for a sponsorship from private companies.


“Hirap na hirap na ko, I need financial support,” Diaz said.




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