Born Again Christian Group denies endorsing Otso Diretso

Born Again Christian group Jesus Christ To God Be The Glory Church International (JCTGBTG) denied that they’re endorsing the senatorial candidates of Otso Diretso during a mass gathering to celebrate their anniversary at Araneta Coliseum on April 30.

In an official statement, JCTGBTG clarified to its members that Otso Diretso candidates were only “acknowledged” by their church and they insisted that they’re not engaging in political activities like endorsing a politician in front of their members.

According to them, other political groups are present during the gathering.

“In all these, we uphold what the Word of God taught us… that is, to respect those who are in authority.” JCTGBTG said in their statement.

“Throughout the years, our church was visited by officials of different parties. However, our church policy states that we do not engage in any political endorsement nor do we grant candidates’ request to speak at any of our gatherings,” they added.

The Christian group also said that they’re not interfering with the decision of their members, especially in choosing the people that they’re going to vote.

“We will never influence any of our members’ voting power. Such that we respect everyone’s political and public views, opinions, and choices,” they said.

They said that they welcomed the Otso Diretso candidates in their gathering so they candidates can hear the “salvation message of the Lord,”

“Rest assuredly, we would like to emphasize that our Church remains to be non-partisan and neutral about this matter.” the Church said.

JCTGBTG released a statement after Otso Diretso Facebook fan page posted a message to their church, thanking them for “supporting” their candidates.

“Punong-puno ang Araneta Center kagabi noong makasama natin ang Jesus Christ To God be the Glory Church International Born Again Christians group! Maraming salamat po sa pag-imbita at pagsuporta sa laban upang ibalik ang honesty sa Senado!” Otso Diretso said.

Otso Diretso members, Bam Aquino, Erin Tanada, Samira Gutoc, Romulo Macalintal, and Florin Hilbay were the candidates attended the said gathering.

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