NBI reveals other blog allegedly publishing “Bikoy” videos like Rodel Jayme

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) revealed the other blogs allegedly spreading the “Ang Totoong Narco-list” videos on social media.

In a document showed by NBI to the media, it showed that Rodel Jayme’s Metro Balita is not the only blog that shared the videos, and there’s still other four being investigating.

This is the list of blogs listed in the document:

  • PINOY AKO BLOG (own by Jover Laurio)
  • Madam Claudia
  • What the FACT blog

“It was reported that the said Social media accounts were consistently among the first to post the said videos for public consumption. Hence, independent analysis on each of the above-identified social media accounts/sites were conducted.” the document said.

The Facebook page of Atty. Trixie Cruz-Angeles and Atty. Ahmed Paglinawan also showed the other page of the document, showing another hint that could lead to the owner of Bikoy videos.

In the document, it mentioned a certain “Maru Nguyen” and “Maru Xie” who talked to Rodel Jayme about the Metro Balita website and Bikoy videos.

According to the conversation, Nguyen told Jayme that a certain Magdalo group might reach the latter.

It also mentioned a certain “Filmore” who is a member of the Magdalo and also informed Jayme that he might receive exposure in the international media because President Rodrigo Duterte was being investigated by “US DEA”

“Baka maibalita kapa worldwide,” Nguyen told Jayme in the conversation recovered by NBI.

Several photos of Nguyen has been circulated on social media, but we cannot publish it until the authorities are not giving more information about Nguyen.

Yesterday, Jayme has been served by a search warrant by the NBI and invited him in the Department of Justice (DOJ) for inquest proceedings.

He explained that he’s not aware of the videos being uploaded on his website and expressed his sadness after being used by his friend who asked him the favor.

The said web admin also said that he’s willing to help the NBI in searching for the people behind Bikoy.

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