Dela Rosa on getting relieved because of his viral post in 2016: I wish I could confront the former Chief PNP and DILG Sec about this

Senatorial candidate Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa reminiscence his controversial post in 2016 in the middle of the May 9 elections which also made him well-known on social media.

Three years after his controversial post, Dela Rosa shared his post again in 2016 which warned the candidates to avoid cheating the elections because he would not hesitate to order his eight battalions of cops to move against them.

During that time, Dela Rosa was the Brigade Commander of Philippine National Police Reactionary Standby Support Force (PNP-RSSF) which based in Camp Crame.

Dela Rosa said that he wished that he could confront the PNP Director and DILG Secretary during that time to ask them some questions on why they relieved him because of a Facebook post.

“I was relieved because of this post? How insecure then was the yellow govt of officers who wanted to do what is right. How I wish I could confront the former c,pnp and former dilg about the partisanship of this statement.” Dela Rosa said in his post.

One month after getting relieved, Dela Rosa has been appointed as the head of PNP by President Rodrigo Duterte.

Quickly after getting appointed, Dela Rosa brought Oplan Tokhang nationwide, which originated in Davao City.

The post of Dela Rosa also showed how a one-star general instantly became the head of PNP and three years later, he’s now running as a senator and receiving a good spot in surveys.

Davao City Mayor Inday Sara Duterte said that Dela Rosa could even become the next President of the country in the future because of the intellect he showed during the CNN Philippines Senatorial Debate.

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