A netizen reveals why Bato’s credential removes her doubts on voting the former head of PNP: “Kaya pala nilampaso niya sa debate ang mga pabida.”

A netizen wrote a lengthy post on how she removed her own doubts on voting Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa in the upcoming senatorial elections this month.

Netizen Jhoie Peji, who said that she’s hesitating in voting the retired General said that she made some research on the credentials of Bato, saying that she was surprised on the educational background of the latter.

In her post, Jhoie said that she realized that Dela Rosa seems secretive in her educational background, not because the latter lack of it, but only being humble despite running as a senator.

She listed in her post some of the courses finished by Dela Rosa, including his Ph.D. in development administration that he got in 2006.

According to Jhoie, after her research, she already knew why Bato showed some intellect during the debate happened several days ago against the Otso Diretso candidates.

You can read her post below:

“At first, I was having doubt about voting Bato in the Senate. Sa puso at paglilingkod bayan no doubt, I can see his sincerity, pero siyempre lahat tayo gusto natin hindi rin basta basta yung ilalagay natin sa senado na gagawa ng mga batas. So I check the candidates’ credentials. I am really amaze and impress. isa na naman patunay na marami tlg ang humble sa Davao. Marami ang minamaliit si Bato, maybe the way he speaks, hindi kasi siya pa impress, and he speaks the truth and straight forward. Our simple and humble Bato Dela Rosa was educated at Bato Elementary School and Sta. Cruz National High School before attending Mindanao State University (MSU) to study for a Bachelor of Science degree in public administration. In 1982, he left MSU to join the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) and graduated in 1986 as part of PMA Sinagtala class. He then earned a Masters of Public Administration degree in 1998 and a Ph.D. in development administration in 2006 from the University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao City.
Dela Rosa completed a Scout Ranger Orientation Course, Police Intelligence Officer Advance Course, Police Officers’ Comptrollership Course, and the Police Safety Officer Course. He also attended training courses of the FBI Academy and U.S. Army Ranger School in the United States and Air Marshal Instructors Course by the Australian Federal Police.

These alone are his educational attainment and trainings. His service to the people is way more impressive, paki search na lang po mahaba eh. Kaya pala nilampaso niya sa debate ang mga pabida na puro records lang ang hawak walang hands on. I can now confidently campaign and ask people to vote for Bato! We don’t need good talkers in the Senate, we need those who get things done.”

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