Aftermath of the magnitude 6.1 earthquake in Pampanga

The magnitude 6.1 earthquake that hit NCR and other provinces in Luzon around 5 pm on April 22, caused damage in infrastructure.

Pampanga is one of the provinces that most affected by the natural phenomenon after it took a total of eight lives, six from Porac and two from Lubao.

Some are also reportedly missing after they got trapped in a supermarket in Porac. Rescue operations are still ongoing.

Santa Catalina de Alexandria Parish in Porac was also severely damaged, the belfry of the church collapsed.

Clark International Airport has been closed for 24 hours after it received big damage from the earthquake.

Netizens also posted the aftermath of the earthquake at the Clark International Airport. Glasses were damaged and the ceiling collapsed.

Meanwhile, the government reminded the netizens to be careful and prepare for possible aftershocks.



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