Leah Navarro asks Duterte’s whereabout after the earthquake: During PNoy’s time, Mar will even go to its epicenter!

Singer Leah Navarro criticized President Rodrigo Duterte who’s missing in action after a magnitude 6.1 earthquake hit NCR and several provinces in Luzon yesterday.

In a series of Tweet, Navarro said that while many problems are happening in the country, the President chose to sleep than to show his presence to the people.

“Earthquake in Luzon, water shortage and rotating brownouts in Manila, TRAIN Law troubles, Chinese incursions into our homeland. So many crises and problems requiring govt. attention and solutions. But Duterte is too tired to even attend a conference! #NasaanAngPangulo? Asleep!” Navarro said.

A netizen tried to defend Duterte, saying that the government agencies are working even without the Chief Executive’s presence, however, Navarro insisted that the government still needed the directive of the President.

According to her, if Benigno ‘Noynoy’ Aquino III is still the President, he would act quickly and order the government agencies to act fast.

“Sure, but they get their directives from the President. That’s not what you guys said when PNoy was around. You hounded him at every turn, complained and whined. PNoy and his Cabinet would’ve been in NDRRMC HQ hours ago. Meanwhile, your Duterte is fast asleep.” she said.

She also tweeted that during PNoy’s time, the former cabinet members like Mar Roxas and Dinky Soliman are ready to travel even to the epicenter of the earthquake and serve the people.

“During PNoy’s term, you wouldn’t have had to ask. Aside from sending @MARoxas @dinkysunflower @dawende Babes Singson, Volts Gazmin to the earthquake epicenter, he would’ve made sure @MMDA and AFP, PNP got moving with their free ride programs,” she remarked.

According to the Palace, the President is in Davao City during the time of the earthquake and didn’t attend the Boao forum in Manila.

The palace said that Duterte was overworked and chose to rest in his hometown.

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