President Duterte claims that Trillanes and Aquino deceives China for money: “Inotso nila yung Intsik!”

President Rodrigo Duterte revealed why the Chinese government was very disappointed by former Chief Executive Benigno Aquino III and Senator Antonio Trillanes IV.

According to him, China personally told him about what happened during the Aquino administration, saying that Trillanes “tricked” the Chinese for money.

“Galit ang China sa atin di ba because if their tiff with Trillanes and Noynoy. Inotso nila yung intsik diyan eh. Pera. So hindi ko sinasabi pumunta kay Noynoy but sinabi ng Intsik,” Duterte said.

Duterte clarified that China didn’t mention if Aquino also got money from Sen. Trillanes’ alleged activities.

In 2012, former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile confronted Trillanes over the “secret” trips made by the latter in China which ended to the latter’s walk out in the senate hall.

Later on, Trillanes confirmed that he’s talking to the Chinese government after former President Aquino tasked him to talk with China.

“On the day the President was about to leave for UK, he called me up and told me, ‘Sonny, pa-tulong dahil meron yung barko ng China nasa loob pa rin when the agreement is simultaneous, may Agreement daw with Washington, according to the DFA, na simultaneous na lalabas.’ I asked him ‘If it was simultaneous, bakit nauna tayo?’ Anyway, it’s there. I was given the task of mediating to have those 2 ships removed, and they did through the backchannel negotiations,” Trillanes said in an interview in 2012.

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