Musical Artist says that Jesus Christ is a victim of fake news and punished without due process

A musical artist and famous Twitter user Juan Miguel Severo amid the Holy Week posted a tweet about Jesus Christ, claiming that the religious leader was also victimized by fake news during his time.

In a tweet, Severo said that Jesus challenged the powerful people during his time in result, he was framed, detained and crucified without due process.

“He challenged existing ideas. He was a victim of fake news.” Severo said.

Severo also said that the people haven’t paid attention if Holy Week “has nothing to do with politics”.

While he didn’t directly mention the President, several pro-Duterte swarmed his Twitter account to defend the current administration.

When Severo read one of the netizens commented to his post, saying that Duterte is like Jesus who raised up “against the liberal status quo,” he replied “Kilabutan ka.”

Meanwhile, Sass Rogando Sasot responded to Severo, saying that what happened to Jesus Christ is part of the Divine Plan and it needs to happen.

“Gurl, Severo, according to Catholic doctrine: Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins. lol It was all part of the Divine Plan. Anong fake news?!” Sasot said.

The Duterte administration is being accused by its critics of spreading fake news and also punishing lawbreakers without due process.


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